Knots Away Massage Therapy is based in Alloa

Knots Away Massage Therapy provides therapeutic massage and soft tissue stretching treatments to help ease your aches and pains or simply to help you relax and unwind.

Knots Away Massage Therapy is located in Claremont, Alloa. Treatments are available from my home based treatment room and also within a clinic environment at Physioem Therapies based in Sauchie. Home visits, workplace therapies and sporting or corporate event treatments are available upon request.

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Cost of Treatment:
1   hour from £38
30 mins from £22
Gift Vouchers Available

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Sports Massage



  • enhance athletic performance,
  • increase flexibility & range of motion,
  • prevent & aid recovery from injury,
  • tissue repair & remodelling of scar tissue,
  • relieve muscular aches & pains.

Pre, Inter, Post & Recovery massage treatments are adapted for the nature of the sport, facilitating management, manipulation & rehabilitation of the soft tissues of the body.


Remedial Therapy


Can provide relief from:

  • headaches,
  • neck & shoulder pain
  • backache, sciatica,
  • muscular tension or spasm
  • RSI, tennis or golfer’s elbow,
  • frozen shoulder,
  • muscular strains & joint sprains.

Myofascial Release, Unwinding Techniques, Deep Massage Strokes, Myofascial Stripping, Neuro Muscular & Muscle Energy Techniques and Trigger Point Therapy combined with PNF / CR stretching help relieve muscular tension, breakdown soft tissue adhesions, reduce pain and restore range of movement within joints.

Postural Alignment using KCR

In order for our bodies to function correctly we must be balanced. At Knots Away Massage the aim is to rebalance the body to help resolve any aches and pains then treat the soft tissue as required.

An alignment protocol called Kinetic Chain Release can help restore balance to the joints and bring relief from pain. This protocol is utilised during both Sports & Remedial treatment sessions. It is also available as a stand alone treatment.

Swedish Massage


Aids restful Sleep

 Improves relaxation

 Reduces anxiety & stress

Gentle strokes sedate the sensory nerves, stimulate blood flow and reduce muscle tension. Muscle balance is restored, lymph congestion cleared and fibres unknotted. By relaxing the muscles  we can move more freely and breathe more deeply.


Acupressure massage

Seated Acupressure


On-Site Massage:

Relaxes & revitalises

Relieves muscular tension

Alleviates neck, shoulder & backaches

Increases alertness, reduces fatigue

Initially relaxed using pressure points located around the body. Percussion & stretching techniques then revitalise, leaving you feeling alert with increased energy levels. Specifically designed for workplace environments or public events.